• Matador Brake Pads Endless
  • Slotted Cross-drilled Brake Rotors (m) Brembo
  • 8 Piston Forged Calipers (m )Brembo
  • Full Carbon Fiber Wheels, 17" Weds Sport
  • ====DOWNFORCE====
  • Stock rear bumper for Supra Toyota
  • Type I Sideskirts for Supra Do-Luck
  • Rear Lip for Supra VeilSide
  • JGTC Spoiler for Supra Toyota
  • Type I Front Bumper for Supra Do-Luck
  • Stock fuel system for Supra Toyota
  • Racing Battery (B14115)Braille Auto
  • Drager Catback Exhaust for Supra HKS
  • Racing Pulley Kit for Supra Unorthodox
  • T04R Turbo Kit for Supra HKS
  • Intake Plenum for Supra VeilSide
  • Racing Suction Intake for Supra HKS
  • Stock door handles for Supra Toyota
  • Stock gas cover for Supra Toyota
  • Stock taillights for Supra Toyota
  • Stock top for Supra Toyota
  • Stock Windshield Tint vDream
  • Stock Quarter Panel Window Tint vDream
  • Stock Side Window Tint vDream
  • Headlight Intake for Supra HKS
  • Carbon Fiber Hood for Supra VIS
  • Carbon Fiber Trunk for Supra Seibon
  • Carbon Fiber Doors for Supra vDream
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Fenders for Supra Seibon
  • Carbon Fiber Front Fenders for Supra Toyota
  • Super GT Aero Side Mirrors for Supra Chargespeed
  • Stock pistons for Supra Toyota
  • Engine Management System for Supra AEM (Advanced Engine Management)
  • S2 Camshafts for Supra GSC Power Division
  • ====ACCESSORIES====
  • Stock back seats for Supra Toyota
  • Stock steering wheel for Supra Toyota
  • Zeta III Passenger's Seat Bride
  • Zeta III Driver's Seat Bride
  • ====DRIVETRAIN====
  • Stock transmission for Supra Toyota
  • ====SUSPENSION====
  • H-Tech Springs for Supra Tein
  • Illumina Shocks for Supra Tokico


TRACK: 52.335 seconds

DRAG: 9.170 seconds

ENDURANCE: 55'07.78 seconds

Toyota supra

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