Stock Imperial Jade Supra

Supra 2

Stock Renaissance Red Supra

Toyota supra

best no wbk setup

Also known as the JZA80, this is one of the most popular tuners during its time. It can also perform good feats in track and drag.


Torque (stock/max) 315/749
Weight (stock/ lightest) 3505/3131
Creator Paid Artists
WideBodyKits Tamon Design GT-1 Widebody Kit


Unlock Level Autocrosser
Conversions -
Description The famed Supra from the Toyota line, known for its superior aftermarket.
Colors (wbk colours)

Cost (Stock/Max)

Timings (Drag Track Endurance)

Drag : 9.170 seconds

TRACK: 52.335 seconds

ENDURANCE: 55'07.78 seconds

Engine In Line 6
Horsepower (stock)
Pistons 6
Engine Name 2JZ-GTE

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