Stock World Rally Blue Pearl GR

Monster Ripper ImprezaGR

GR with a few new body parts

Horsepower(Stock/Max) 305 HP/614 HP
Torque(Stock/Max) 290 ft-lbs/547 ft-lbs
Weight(Stock/Lightest) 3,395 lbs/3,176 lbs
WideBody Kits
Price $39,000
Unlock Level Street Racer
Conversions (WBK) N/A (N/A)
Description The third generation Impreza, known as the GR, first came out only has a hatchback. Still Strong in the World Rally Championship and other rally series, the turbocharged AWD has still kept it's niche
Colors(WBK colours, Special colours) World Rally Blue Pearl, Satin White, Spark Silver, Lightning Red, Dark Grey, Obsidian Black Pearl (Yellow(special))
Cost(Stock/Max) $39,000/?

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