Will's z32

Wills Special LE parts

Fairplay S 2

Stock Platinum Metallic Fairplay S

One of the cars released by popular demand, it has been popular throughout other games as well. It is also a remembrance to the person known as Will Roseborough "Wills Z32".


300 /658 HP
Torque (stock/max) 283 /635 ft/lbs
Weight (stock/ lightest) 3,298 /2883 lbs
Creator Paid Artists
Price $43,000
Unlock Level Drag Racer

The Z32 edition of the long-lasting Fairplay dynasty. Steve Millen raced the car to victory in many an IMSA race, so the Z32 is a proven competitor.

Colors (wbk colours) Arctic White Pearl, Super Black (300ZX), Ultra Red, Platinum Metallic, Yellow (300ZX), Blue (300ZX)

Cost (Stock/Max)

Timings (Drag Track Endurance)

Horsepower (stock)
Engine Name

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