HRT 427 Red

Torrid Red HRT 427 (Conversion)

GTO Yellow

Yellow Jacket GTO (Stock)


400 / 933
Torque (stock/max) 400 / 837
Weight (stock/ lightest) 3,724 / 3,350 (Apprx.)
Creator Paid Artists
WideBodyKits None
Price $34,000
Unlock Level Street Racer
Conversions HRT 427 Full conversion ($225,000), HSV Coupe-4 Conversion ($20,000), HSV GTO Front End ($6,500)
Description Originally the Holden Monaro, Bob Lutz brought the car into the US as the Pontiac GTO. A mix of an Australian car and an American engine provide an exciting sports car!
Colors (wbk colours) Yellow Jacket, Cyclone Grey, Impulse Blue, Brazen Orange, Quicksilver, Phantom Black, Torrid Red, (Arctic White)

Cost (Stock/Max)

$34,000 / Apprx. $300,000 (Inc. Car).
Timings (Drag Track Endurance)

Drag: 9.2 Sec

Track: 47.0 Sec

Endo: 51'15 Min

Engine 6.0L V8
Horsepower (stock) 400
Pistons 8
Engine Name LS2

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