Astral Silver 190E EVO II

190E 2

Blauschwarz Black Metallic 190E EVO II

The 3rd Mercedes Benz car to get released in the MB month of vDream, this car is popular among players of GT4 as a DTM version.

There are some visual parts but there are few performance parts which makes it only a show car.



235 HP/?


181 ft-lbs/?


2,975 lbs/?
WideBodyKits N/A
Price 80,000 vDollars
Unlock Level Club Racer
Conversions N/A
Description Built in response to BMW's E30 M3 Sport Evolution road cars, the 190E EVO was born. This is the second iteration of the sports car.
Colors (wbk colors) Astral Silver, Blauschwarz Black Metallic

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