Torque (stock/max) 485/??? ft-lbs
Weight (stock/ lightest) 3009 lbs
Creator Paid Artists

FXX Body Kit

Price $643,330
Unlock Level Formula 1 Pilot
Conversions Gemballa MiG-U1 Conversion
Description Ferrari's top of the line in the mid 2000s.Named after the foudner of the company,Enzo Ferrari.
Colors (wbk colours) Red, Black, Silver, White, Yellow

This supercar was named after the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari. It is also one of the earliest supercars to enter vDream. It may lose to various cars, but when the Gemballa MiG-U1 conversion kit is equipped, it can move up to the big leagues. There is also a Snow Camo variant of the MiG-U1, which only Law Kin, the designer of the kit, has in vDream.

Engine 6.0 liter V12
Horsepower (stock) 651
Pistons 8
Engine Name F140 65°V12

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