we have created a new team called global domination racing. now accepting members. requirements are…minimum of one car from every region – club racer or above. once we hit 15 members we will hold tournaments centered on the regional theme. good luck and welcome aboard.

GDR's Car Show Thread


1. must own one car from every region at club racer or above level. this is a team comprising all 3 regions.

2. have fun!!

3. keep it clean. no fighting, swearing, or bashing.

4. invite your friends

5. inactive members will be dropped.

6. welcome to join without meeting the car requirements as a rookie member. please build your garage to become full members


1) Deviant Z (A)

2) Blackout (A)

3) Matthew Jordan (IA)


1) Sam Making Bacon [ERA] (IA)


1) Svein Storeide ssz (A) 2) Chris Track ninja (m.mafia)(r.r.)(A)

Rookie MembersEdit

1) Joey Delgado ssz (A)

2) Arizal Fiveroses ((IA)

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